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bodhisattva 1 by Edie
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As beautiful as Edie's contours are under the studio lights, and as hot as it is to watch her as she curls her body in tight to take even more of that deep penetration, all I can think about is how wrinkled-up her poor fingertips must be getting. Fortunately for Edie, such finicky concerns are the last thing on her mind.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
intima 1 by immie
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Knowing her ways by now, I always anticipate Immie's orgasm, tensing for impact - the way her pleasure can rend itself violently from her body, audibly and visibly powerful. So seeing her vulnerable in front of the window, supporting her body in that half crouch, muscles trembling - well, I'm just glad she didn't smack her head, or fall back through that window glass. The things we do for thrills, eh, Immie?
Hi Def   fantasy & adventure; explicit content; solo
Haecceity 2 by zosha
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Zosha's evident sensitivity gives me the impression that her senses are expanded beyond the boundaries of her skin, so that each movement of her body effects her exponentially. The escalation of her breathing is powerfully evocative. With each new gasp, her level of arousal is more and more obvious, marking her progression steadily until she tips gracefully over the edge.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
nio's video diary 2 by nio
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Nio's bum is very, very round. She likes to touch it. Chicken wire in front of the lens makes me feel bound to the frame, forced to stare into it. Fascination. Bare skin on lube-covered lino makes fart noises due to suction. Lust. Blue-handed girls have blue-tinged cunts, and when Nio comes, she is louder than a commercial airliner. All else fades from significance.
Hi Def   video diary; explicit content; solo
possession 1 by gracie_n
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Gracie's orgasm seems to come on her like a separate entity, gathering in her middle and claiming her, limb by limb, until she is fully possessed. Her movements inspire me to think of orgasms in an entirely new way - as if waves of pleasure might be gathered and waiting in spaces all around us, just waiting around for us to call them.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
titian tryst 2 by Strawberry
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AnnabelleLee isn't going easy on Strawberry - working over that soft flesh with a confident agression belied by Annabelle's small form. Watching the kind of sex these two are engaging in feels beyond voyeuristic, as AnnabelleLee effectively strips and pounds and bites Strawberry's defenses away - leaving her vulnerable and open, and completely at Annabelle's mercy.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; friends
stonewash 2 by Sheila
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Once you shoot yourself naked a few times, it's not an easy habit to quit - the photographic reflection of one's own body is undeniably a turn-on, and Sheila, as one of our earliest and best contributors, clearly has the self-snap instinct well entrenched in her sexual repetoire. No complaints, but I wouldn't mind getting to see those pictures. Maybe if we cross our fingers, Sheila will come post them for us in the forum.
Hi Def   home made; explicit content; solo
frisson 1 by Devochka
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The power of the subconscious mind is unquestionable when it comes to sexuality - from the memories and dreams which inform our waking fantasies, to the surges of attraction we act on without ever questioning why. Devochka, by the way she allows her consciousness to drift on the currents of her own swelling arousal, clearly knows that the best way to get what you want, is to give up on wanting it at all.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
hyaline 2 by LydiaBennett
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Everyone knows that sex is best when one's partner is fully aroused, and really into it - and IFM's take on porn is that we want to see the same thing when we're getting off solo. Part of Lydia Bennet's appeal is just that - her comfort with her body and her sexuality make her growing arousal so tangible, one can't help but feel an answering urge while watching her.
Hi Def   fantasy & adventure; explicit content; solo
split peach 2 by Ambra_A
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Here's another fun distinction between real life and video playback. That sweet moment after Ambra A's orgasm, feeling all vicariously blissed out, when you look down at that progress bar and realize that the video is only halfway over. The implication is enough to get anyone excited - again. Do you like being secure in the knowledge of what's to come? Pun not intended.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo

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