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herstory 1 by persia
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I caught up with Perisa during her blue-haired period, and I love the sharp contrast in the frame between her aura of colour and my subdued browns and greys I felt like I needed to add the purple scarf to balance it out. This lady has a long history to tell, of secret porn parties and teenage sex addiction and thats all before shes old enough to vote.
lucubrations; solo
all smiles 2 by zizanie
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Maybe its just a personal taste, but Zizanie is something of an art object in my eyes the tone of her skin and its occasional interruption by black ink, worn-in earth-tones and disheveled hair, a tall frame that extends itself into the empty spaces of frame, luscious and angular.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
kara d up close 2 by kara_d
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Kara D seems to reach a turning point in her films where all hell breaks loose and the energy she exerts suddenly grows exponentially. Its nice when a contributor has enough films for us to start noticing patterns and habits shes officially establishing herself as an IFM familiar face.
Hi Def   upclose; explicit content; solo
sick and tired by hayden
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Some days you just completely hit the wall, and its just a matter of going through the motions of daily life until you can get somewhere quiet and work out that block with an orgasm. This certainly seems like such a situation, and that ten minutes makes a world of difference for Hayden.
Hi Def   home made; explicit content; solo
contentment by elayne
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Elayne has the health and cheeriness that I thought one could only achieve by living in a bubble. But, if youve seen some of her IShotMyself derring-do, you know that a bubble is far from her standard environment. So, if thats not it, what is it? I blame youthful exuberance.
Hi Def   studio; discreet content; solo
overland 1 by estelle
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Estelle is a land rover of her own sort, and to me she looks absolutely in her element when the setting sun brushes her bare skin at the height of summer. Weve had a lot of suggestively summery shoots up these days, probably to make ourselves feel better about being on the other side of the seasons.
fantasy & adventure; explicit content; solo
clutter 1 by natalie_q
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The best way to deal with clutter is to avoid it completely and do something else. Natalie Q shows no signs of feeling at all guilty that shes ignoring the pileup of debris around her, and while my inner control freak is a little bothered by that, I think her decision will go over just find around here.
Hi Def   home made; explicit content; solo
gala's video diary 2 by gala
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Youve gotta start somewhere, so I started here. Then my mum interrupted me so I had to start over. Anyway, heres to new cycles, new projects, new sexymakings of all kinds, all the time.
video diary; solo
inward by Janise
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Everything is drawn inward in Janises technique her fingers reach to meet her breath, which is held deep within her. I like the way this creates a contained system of pleasure. Shes in no rush, and neither are we the best things come to those who wait.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
sheila mirror mirror reissue by Sheila
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Its been a little while since we gave you a second look at one of our more popular contributions, which is a nice way to really get into them. This single-angle look at Sheilas self-reflexive debut on IFM really allows us to experience the intensity of the experience for her.
studio; explicit content; solo

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