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quadruplication - tell all by Strawberry
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Ahh, I am so glad to debrief with all these girls after their long, adventurous evening. Their written impressions have been great - but there's nothing quite like hearing from them in these cool-down moments just after the... ahem.. event. The more I think about the 4-way adventures of Strawberry, Fauna, Temptation and Kenji, the more I find myself conspiring for an invite to this little toy party they've been planning.
Hi Def   studio; discreet content; friends
liquid silver 1 by Nikki_Silver
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Sprawled out in their cozy nest of pillows and soft blankets, Lucah and Nikki Silver have eyes - and hands, and tongues, and lips - only for each other, wrapped up in a sensuous embrace until it's not clear where one body starts and the other leaves off. The absence of distance between their two bodies is a symbol for the connection they build between their minds and hearts, kiss by kiss, becoming closer in every sense of the word.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; friends
windfall 2 by gala
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I wonder how long you could do this, Gala, if you tried - if you kept swimming longer, longer, even longer, until your fingertips soak through, and the waters of your well rise past the point of safety? What might happen? Could you drown? Could you slip away in a torrent of your own waters, a sigh and then... nothing? On second thought, I'm glad when you rest. I want you to stay.
Hi Def   home made; explicit content; solo
delirium 1 by Laurelle
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I have the impression Laurelle's body is filled with helium, little pockets of bubbles tucked away in all her joints, making her feet rise into the air like feathers so that she has to reach up to pull them back down again. A fawn, a pikachu, a bit of poetry I forgot - a squeal, small teeth that bite down and forget to let go, a handful of sex - yes this Laurelle. Something different indeed.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
date night 1 by susie
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Oh, poor Susie! Stood up and left to wait on a bench after dark - whoever's left you waiting is a total jerk. But who needs 'em - Susie's more than enough fun for herself, all by herself. A girl's gotta look out for number 1. Susie's had enough of being bored tonight, and now she's looking for a little thrill...
Hi Def   fantasy & adventure; explicit content; solo
go easy 2 by Lumi
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Lumi's breaths are hot, sharp bursts of wind, fanning the flame she builds inside her own body. I imagine her core becoming hotter and hotter as she strums with her fingers in that particular way she has, her body a musical instrument, and her orgasm a vocal song of relief.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
jaynie's video diary 2 by Jaynie
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I've never seen anything like this before, not here at IFM or anywhere else. This merging of short film and solo porn, the character and reality of Jaynie rubbing up against each other in a collision of time and story and sex. For such a long time I've craved a visual space wherein sexual fantasy holds hands with the intellectual escapism of film. And this... I believe we've done something very special here.
Hi Def   video diary; explicit content; solo
loose end 0068 by Fauna
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"Imagine yourself surrounded by three hot women. Lots of chatting, giggling, and then it begins... The removal of clothes, the gentle moans, the sneaky glances, the soft touches. This is how I got to spend my evening one night after work. Feeling Kenji's great breasts, kissing and fingering Temptation nice and hard, and hearing Fauna's sexy build up were some of my personal highlights. As the urgency increases, the sounds of the others turn me on so much, and my first orgasm comes hard and fast. After a slight break to catch my breath, I'm back at it... The second is even quicker so, I stupidly try to stop it... bad idea! I then have to work extra hard to come, but when I do, the warmth rushes through my body, giving me a powerful orgasm that I feel head to toe."- Strawberry
Hi Def   studio; discreet content; friends
kylie h up close 1 by Kylie_H
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Kylie H is one of those girls who takes her time getting ready, gently going over and over the details that will prime her for this moment's splendid event. Once she hits her stride, all her patient work pays off - as she moves in toward her climax with confidence, assured that in the end, she'll get exactly what she wanted.
Hi Def   upclose; explicit content; solo
windfall 1 by gala
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Deliberate breathing primes the body to inhabit intentional space. Every breath is presence. As Gala breaths into her own belly, I find that I am unconsciously eased into myself too, ready to allow myself to be part of this experience. Still I am surprised by her release, as I am every time I witness it - something so gentle and soft, a process entirely devoid of an orgasm's customary violence.
Hi Def   home made; explicit content; solo

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