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Bambieblue Up Close 1 by BambieBlue
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BambieBlue is not the kind of woman who's got her head in the clouds. For these moments, at least, she is completely connected to her physical shape, clutching herself with a familiarity which only serves to reinforce her own presence. Up close, we're able to see the fascinating movement of taut skin over muscle, as her body succumbs to the tension she builds, and to the climax she's beckoned from every corner of herself.
Hi Def   upclose; explicit content; solo
haven 2 by LydiaBennett
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With this second part, LydiaBennet abandons her languorous warm-up attitude and gets down to business. One of the best things about being home is having your tools and toys at your disposal when you need them, and LydiaBennet takes full advantage of what she's got, amusing herself just the way she likes it.
Hi Def   home made; explicit content; solo
reverie 2 by Melanie_A
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Coming back to Melanie_A is a joy. Taking all the time she wants to engage with her own body, she refuses to acknowledge any chaos that may exist in the outside world. By separating herself she succeeds to connect with us on an entirely different level, allowing us to observe an ecstatic plateau where the only thing that matters is Melanie_A.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
exhausted by roxy_h
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There's always one more in there somewhere - sometimes you just have to work a bit harder to find it. If you've seen the rest of Roxy's amazing videos, you'll know she's a diligent student who isn't afraid to sweat a bit when it counts. There's something very gratifying watching those hard earned orgasms, isn't there?
Hi Def   fantasy & adventure; explicit content; solo
undulations 1 by Azaliah
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Wave and water metaphors have applied to all things feminine in various forms since the very first orgasm, which must've been a doozy. From the pushing and pulling movements of bodies and the waves, to the salt, to the wet crash of release, it's almost impossible not to make the association. Azaliah takes the metaphor even further, as her movements wax and wane, building up and releasing incrementally until she reaches her ultimate destination.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
emile's video diary 5 by Emile
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For me, one of the most impressive facets of Emile's sexuality is the ready presence of it - it seems that even before she touches her body she is already in the throes of her arousal, as if it awakens her instead of the other way around. Her body language and movements only confirm this impression - the way her back arches and her fingers clutch are involuntary reflexes, and her helplessness in the face of her own orgasm is deeply sexy.
Hi Def   video diary; explicit content; solo
waiting 2 by avani
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Still no one home as far as Avani knows, though in her state we wouldn't blame her if she just didn't notice them coming back - at some point other things become way more interesting. Avani definitely knows how to make the most of her time, and her care-free attitude should be an inspiration to all.
Hi Def   fantasy & adventure; explicit content; solo
altruism 2 by kitkat
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With the second part of Kitkat and Anselm's incredible film, a pure love story starts to unfold. One by one, every assumption made by conventional pornography falls away at their hands, as they demonstrate how romantic tenderness is truly, mind-blowingly hot.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; friends
high arches 1 by robyn
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When it comes to mainstream sexuality and erotica, certain parts of a woman are considered essential. When our focus falls on other parts, such as her eloquent and expressive feet, the piece tends to be called "fetish" and regulated to a niche market. Fortunately, labels like that don't mean much to us here at IFM - seeing Robyn and her gorgeous toes celebrated from this angle is so viscerally and all-encompassingly sexy, I found my own toes curling in response.
Hi Def   home made; explicit content; solo
keep 'em on 2 by lady_socks
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How many of you had bets on for this one? Lady_Socks stays true to her name, and kept those stripy marvels on through to the very end. Still hard to say whether this is an always-thing for her, but I'm really starting to hope so. Little quirks like this and the amazing spectrum of diversity we are privy to here at IFM are what make this place so rewarding.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo

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