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power play 3 by Strawberry
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Strawberry's pretty advanced in terms of her sexual predilections, and that means she's a confident lover. Her dominance with Maria makes this perfectly clear - Strawberry's playing nice, but there's no doubt about who's in charge here. Lucky Maria. Something tells me that when Strawberry's done with her, Maria's gonna have some processing to do.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; friends
Invisible Lover 2 by amari
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Watching Amari roll her hips as her whole body rhythmically pulsates you canít help but think there is an invisible lover there. But thatís just a mirage, and Amari is the reality. She is the only one making herself shake and we are the only ones that she is sharing this moment withÖ and what a spectacular moment it is.
Hi Def   home made; explicit content; solo
jaqui's song 1 by Jaqui
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It seems like a paradox that I want to close my eyes while watching Jaqui. The aural experience of this video almost has a musical quality to it. As her song plays out the tempo quickens and Jaqui creates a driving rhythm as skin slides against skin. Listen closely, it is like you can hear her goose bumps rising.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
Liandra's video diary 1 by Liandra Dahl
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Dear Liandra. It's about time! Remember way back in the day when you were the very first IFM hostess and I was a sparkly new video editor? We talked of documenting a week of our masturbation habits for the sakes of comparative analysis (and of course for the sakes of good porno). Back then we had very many ideas, got around to a few but this one always stuck with me and eventually, years later, in the echoes of your brazen, beautiful and charismatic way of thinking about sexuality it became the 'Video Diaries'. Finally you are here and you've made this lovely and charming thing for us. So lovely, so charming just as I knew you then and as I know you now. Oh and sexy, it's also very sexy, you are so very sexy. XO Aven
Hi Def   video diary; explicit content; solo
missina 2 by Madison_M
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Madison is a sweetly sensual being, the kind of girl who lavishes attention on herself, sparing no details. It's so nice to watch a person treat themselves well, stroking and caressing before entering the home stretch - and even then, Madison is attentive, slowing down and speeding up in direct response to her body's sensations.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
plane spotter 2 by gina_cherie
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Hmph, Gina... what an angle to film from. But it makes sense, when I see what she's planned for this session - an under seat shot allows us to see more clearly what she's doing... well.. under her seat. Ok, I don't want to beat around the bush here, cause Gina wouldn't - so there's ass play. And it's really hot. Gina... you are just amazing.
Hi Def   fantasy & adventure; explicit content; solo
Crawford Dreaming 1 by Georgia_L
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Itís funny how something as simple as a bathing suit can make you so vividly nostalgic. That tiny piece of fabric is a little pocketful of time warp and has me seeing things through a purely 80ís hyper colored lens. Please excuse any 80ís slang that I may involuntarily use over the next few hours. I know sheís Georgia, but I canít help seeing Cindy.
Hi Def   fantasy & adventure; explicit content; solo
traci up close 1 by Traci
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All those who wander are not lost. Watching Traci appreciate the leisurely, peaceful pace that she sets from the start is something truly beautiful. Time seems to be entirely inconsequential for her as she feels her way through. This is an erotic saunter, where the destination is almost forgotten to wandering pleasure. Almost.
Hi Def   upclose; explicit content; solo
Invisible Lover 1 by amari
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ďIíve grown and matured and that comes out in what I do.Ē Ė Amari. I know Iím meant to be writing for this video but after watching Amari I felt that going through her back catalogue was just a little bit more important. With each video her confidence and rapture flourishes towards a climax here. Then, looking up at the camera with a smile, she reminds us that there are more videos to come. And as I start to daydream about how it could possibly get better, I start to forget about doing any work today.
Hi Def   home made; explicit content; solo
Me, myself and Mine 1 by Mine
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Forgive the misleading title for it is Mine and Mine alone in this video. This is all she needsÖ and more than we could ever ask for. She closes her eyes, those blue tipped fingers start to caress and suddenly she becomes the only person in the world. She allows us to glimpse into that private world of hers, where the pleasure is all Mineís and now our hearts are too.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo

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