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intensate 1 by Labia_Lunch
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Labialunch chose a giggle of a name, but her immersion into her own body here is nothing short of serious. Taking her time, Labia lets the sensations from her vibrator build in her until her whole body is buzzing with contained energy. From there, only overflow is possible.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
delightablity 3 by AmarnaMiller
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Frenzy makes way for thoughtful touch, now, as Amarna begins to slow things down. By taking time to look deeply at Shanna's body, enjoying the intimacy of sight, of access, Amarna honors the experience of being with Shanna like this... and is duly rewarded, as Shanna surrenders to a deeper level of ecstasy.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; friends
house of love 2 by Anais_L
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"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." - Anais Nin
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
viva up close 3 by Viva
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I know the way the heat in my belly grows and pushes all but the filthiest, most random dream-thoughts right out of my head. I see the way I begin to lose motor control as I approach orgasm. A part 3 usually means a really good session for the contributor, and watching myself, with the blush heating my cheeks, knowing myself and knowing exactly how all of this felt for me, I can really assure you that this was, indeed, a very good time for me.
Hi Def   upclose; explicit content; solo
Junipur's video diary 8 by Junipur
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This is a big claim to make, but I think, for me, this is the hottest video Junipur's made to date. I don't know about you all, but I love the tease, and I love implication - and watching Junipur's face, her shoulders and upper body as she gives herself over to the water is seriously, seriously sexy to me. Especially when she glances at the camera in the middle - oh lordy.
Hi Def   video diary; explicit content; solo
Momo_chan Up Close 1 by Momo_Chan
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Beautiful Momo-chan really wows with this Up Close offering, the deep and intentional focus on the way she holds her own body throughout. I love seeing her skin tighten under her grip as she pulls and clutches, rubs and pets, alternating between roughness and tenderness to achieve exactly what she needs.
Hi Def   upclose; explicit content; solo
muscle memory 2 by Leena
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Leena's hips and thighs pulse with the rhythms of her arousal, buoying her on involuntary muscle movements which swell under her skin. Pay attention to see her calves tensing, her chest heaving, and her abdominal muscles contracting as those feelings spread through her body. If you want to pinpoint the exact moment of orgasm, choose one spot and watch carefully, to see when and how her muscles finally relax.
Hi Def   home made; explicit content; solo
visceral 1 by Kayt
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Kayt is one of my all-time favorite contributors over at, with her amazing ability to explore the reality, and the honest experience, of her own body. I am really enthusiastic to see her here, in this more intimate forum. Watch her now, and immerse yourself in the viscerality of her world. I think you'll understand what I mean.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
boob tube 3 by Sheila
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Watching Sheila get dressed at the end of this visually intense session, I'm toying idly with the idea of having screens like this in dressing rooms. After all, how the clothes fit is only part of what we need to know - how they look coming off is equally important. Then again, if screens like this were in every dressing room, I'm not sure how easy it would be to get people to leave the store...
Hi Def   fantasy & adventure; explicit content; solo
literotic 2 by Georgiana
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Georgiana's gone far away, deep down in the the depths of an entirely sensory realm. It's amazing the way that such a small part of our body can be in such control of the whole - as we watch Georgiana's entire being consumed by and concentrated around that incredible fluttering sensation between her legs, it's impossible not to marvel.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo

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