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Pull Focus 3 by Ale
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Ale always has such colorful clothing and while it never lasts too long in the frame it adds a wondrous vibrancy. With her strong and slender body covered in itís radiantly sun kissed skin, our imagination doesn't need any assistance picturing her vividly colored existence. Even if the camera can't quite seem to adjust when the colorful clothes return after Ale's bright spectacle.
Hi Def   home made; explicit content; solo
shining shadows 1 by Lucia_C
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With a woman like Lucia everything is about the tiny incremental changes, the ones that you notice while watching the shape of her mouth change or the direction of her eyes. I have no idea how many times I watched the light play with her hair like fine strands of spun bronze, or hiding away still shining in the shadows.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
Sex with the Self 2 by Armeya
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Every now and then it is nice to remind ourselves that there is a plethora of ways to masturbate. Using hands may be the simplest option but as Armeya so eloquently demonstrates in this video the body is a beautifully connected device. The power that a body can generate when driven like a sexual engine can take us to some pretty amazing places.
Hi Def   fantasy & adventure; explicit content; solo
Shared Secret 2 by Viviana
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We all have our little secrets, the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden away like a precious gemstone inside a safe. Every now and then we spin the tumblers and open up that vault, delighting in our undisclosed thrills. Then sometimes, as Viviana knows, you have to let someone else have a little peek. Because what's the point of having a secret if you can't let it slip to someone? I've never been any good at keeping secrets, are you?
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
Voluminous 2 by Veronica_G
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Casting aside any hesitation like the light cream clothing she removes in the first few seconds, Veronica wastes no time as she dives headfirst into hedonism. However instantaneous all this prompt action is it never seems rushed. It is excitement tempered with an appreciation for the moment that leaves her lingering in a paradox and enjoying every second of it.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
Boho 1 by Senna
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The artworks not yet hung on the exposed red brick walls of the studio apartment, her bed is a futon without a frame laid down on the polished floorboards, her wardrobe is cardboard moving boxes that give the illusion of an ephemeral wandering existence. As her raven hair tumbles over a floral blouse we are left wondering where she has been before and daydreaming about where she is headed next.
Hi Def   home made; explicit content; solo
georgiana upclose 1 by Georgiana
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Georgiana has a lascivious energy so spirited it seems to require all her strength and stamina, leaving her collapsed like the ebb of a wave. There is a satisfied calm that overcomes her limbs, like the air is too light to power movement. Enervated yet elated, Georgiana would be left wondering how she would get about the rest of her day with that jello feeling in her bones.
Hi Def   upclose; explicit content; solo
Pull Focus 2 by Ale
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Stretched out on the sofa, Ale's smooth and cinnamon skin seems immaculately sleek. The lens of the camera takes a moment to acclimatize to it, like when you walk outside into dazzling summer sunlight. For the rest of the video it's lens faithfully completes it's task, capturing the light of every whispered shudder, every serene eye movement, that final panting breath.
Hi Def   home made; explicit content; solo
Striking and Smitten 1 by Rubie_R
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One minute in and Iím already hopelessly smitten with Ruby. That vibrantly orange hair with a perfect fringe that compliments her retro black framed glasses, a tiny middle of the lip piercing, playfully cute denim overalls and a gorgeously colorful tattoo that sits just above her red panties. When I write these I pick something that really strikes me but with Ruby there isnít anything that isnít striking. The longer I watch her video the longer that list grows.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
powerfully delicate 2 by Angelica_B
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The ending of Angelicaís video has these frenzied movements so contradictory to the deliberate and purposeful start. The flexes and pulses of her body intensifies once her right hand accelerates. Her left hand so swept up in the unyielding and unceasing stream of pleasures that it doesnít know what to do. It flitters over her body, pausing occasionally in excited confusion. Imagine if she was ambidextrous.
Hi Def   home made; explicit content; solo

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