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wrested 2 by hellsangel
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Masturbation is one of those things that can require the complete isolation of the physical effort required, where you just lock into that final push and set your mind to single-track operation. The conclusion to Hellsangel's contribution involves just this sort of orgasmic sprinting.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
dandy's video diary 3 by dandy
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In the unpolished style of her diary, Dandy faces the everyday trials and tribulations of trying to start the morning off properly. Made-In-China vibes and friends calling to check up...all of those aspects of the day ahead trying to pull you in before you're ready. How rude.
Hi Def   video diary; explicit content; solo
calibre 1 by cate
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Cate is not one to skimp on quality. Of anything. But today this is most relevant in regards to sex. The weight and smoothness of sleek stainless steel is a worthwhile investment for a connoisseur of sexual sensation like herself, and she's gotten more than her money's worth on her tools.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
cassie up close 1 by cassie
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One of the things I like most about Cassie is that her orgasms seem to come out differently in each of her contributions. Today's is sort of implosion-style, but that might not be any evidence at all about what she'll do in part two.
Hi Def   upclose; explicit content; solo
penthouse petting 1 by karmen
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Those of us who share-house fantasize about this sort of thing all the time - a luxury apartment to oneself, where the site of your self-indulgences is totally up to you and not forced by the thin walls and constant traffic of shared spaces. Hmmm...jealous much?
Hi Def   home made; explicit content; solo
revelling 2 by satine_spark
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Maybe it's my monitor, but when I look at this scene, it's just all various shades of pink. And I don't mean that as crudely as it may be construed. Things have just taken on this hue that is perhaps partly really there, and partly just something that Satine Spark exudes...a rosy cloud of femininity, blonde and soft and blushing.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
soft boiled 2 by Strawberry
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Isn't it funny how your brain plays associative games with your sexual impulses? I will never again be able to listen to the sound of water at a rolling boil without thinking about sex. Strawberry's egg may be hard-boiled by now, but an imperfect breakfast isn't really going to affect the day too much, now that she's met her other necessities.
Hi Def   fantasy & adventure; explicit content; solo
viva la femme 1 by Viva
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To those in the Forums to whom Viva's gender was ambiguous, this should answer your question definitively. If you've been paying attention you've already got some background info on this lady, but for those who are only first meeting her, we'll be filling in some more visible details over the coming months.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo
hold on magnolia 2 by Magnolia
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We get down to the tiny details about what Magnolia latches onto with her sexual senses. One thing that I think it's safe to deduce is that it's all about the immedtiate, carnal physicalities. And the words she uses to describe those are beautifully chosen.
Hi Def   lucubrations; discreet content; solo
ease in 1 by jelena
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The way Jelena's pale skin lifts out of the dark frame goes some way to express the dramatic and feminine sensuality of this clip. Most of it, though, it just pure Jelena, who has taken things downtempo from the frenzied speed which usually colours her contributions.
Hi Def   studio; explicit content; solo

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