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Page Thirteen

  IFM: Restricted:   mar 16 2006:   'douche' by madalaine:
Here in sunny, drought-prone Australia, there is a environmentally conscious water saving campaign. And, well...some people have gotten rather fanatical about it. I seriously hope none of them ever get to see this contribution, but I swear we checked the rules and only watered the bush between the hours of 7 and 8 a.m.! Be a water saver.
  IFM: Premium:   mar 16 2006:   'tease' by laetitia:
I love my coffee dark and steaming hot - almost as much as girls that ooze confidence and know how to tease. On top of that, I have a huge fetish for South African accents. So it would be safe to say that Laetitia rocks my world. However, Max and I (cruel as we are) have decided to emphasise her natural teasing abilities by splitting this lovely mocha lady's contribution in two.
  IFM: Restricted:   mar 16 2006:   'petals' by missy:
Some of you may have read the credo for this site (...what do you mean, "No"? Go and do it now! Do you think I write these things for my health!?), and recall my saying "Some contribute because they're exhibitionists who revel in the idea of having the camera and the world's eyes on them - it intensifies their orgasm, and can be the sole source of their fantasies to achieve it". Well, I welcome you to the leg-shaking, hip-thrusting, body-quaking masterpiece that is Missy's orgasm, complete with rose petals and whole body lubrication. Warning, this one contains nudity. Proceed with caution.
  IFM: Premium:   mar 16 2006:   'charm' by laila:
There are lots of reasons why Laila and her contribution will charm you. It could be the braces, or the pulled-up knee highs that stay on throughout. Or maybe her under-the-leg two-handed technique. Perhaps it will be the cheeky wink at the end that will win your pounding heart? Whatever the reason be, just watch and enjoy...
  IFM: Restricted:   mar 16 2006:   'cheeky' by indie:
My English friend Indie confided in me that she relies on an orgasm a day, far better medicine than an apple to keep the doctor away. Unless of course it's the doctor you're interested in, but that's a whole other story.
  IFM: Premium:   mar 16 2006:   'fervour' by asha:
There are myriad reasons to consider this among the sexiest moments you will ever bear witness to, whether it be merely a fetish for lacy top hold-ups, or being utterly mesmerised by the complete abandon and intensity with which this girl applies herself to achieving orgasm.
  IFM: Restricted:   mar 16 2006:   'thevoice' by sherie:
Sherie has a voice like she's been singing in hot, smoky jazz clubs for the past decade or so, but I guess if that were the case she must have also been bathing in the blood of virgins to keep herself looking so damn fine. Mmm. Anyway, she has done neither (as far as we know), but has shared some insights on her orgasm, and then, of course, the beautiful thing itself.
  IFM: Premium:   mar 16 2006:   'writhe' by Lylac:
There's just something about the *snap* of a button which says "Oh, hello!" I just love Lylac's breaths, and her helpless little moans after she comes. The soundtrack to this is just awesome...

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